About Me

This blog will consist of all the makings of me.

Who Am I? I’m still defining that and still figuring out my place, but in a nutshell, I’m a recent college grad with lots of free time so this is my personal blog where I will express my thoughts about our culture, daily happenings, and anything else that tickles my fancy. Hopefully my words tickle yours.

  1. Why do you call yourself the foreseer?
    Does it have anything to do with foresight?

    • not literally. I’ve always been an observant person and as a result can usually make pretty accurate predictions about my direct future and the future of my relationships (not necessarily romantic). Generally speaking, when something occurs, my mind over-analyzes and calculates several possible scenarios for what could happen next and I act accordingly, based on how I feel in that moment, previous life experiences, and my God-given intuition. But, no I’m not psychic or anything.

  2. Psychic or not I still find that incredible. I’m practicing on my foresight. Unfortunately, it is getting me in trouble lol. I’ma hone it though.

  3. lol, in trouble? how so?

    as for practicing, the only suggestion I have for you is to research how to tap into (and trust) your intuition and your instincts. I believe “gut feelings” are rarely wrong, survival instincts preserved the human race for thousands of years.

    • With my girl I always get perceived as being negative lol. I’m a big fan of the 48 Laws of Power and “planning all the way to the end.” So whenever I use foresight I look for possible problems and how I would react to them. Then you couple being over-caution with that, things get deadly. But I really want to be like those Gods on Mount Olympus haha.

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