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I Miss You

Back In January when I first heard about Odd Future, my interest was initially peaked but then I realized I was more mature than the music they were putting out,so I fell off that bandwagon— I still got love for Tyler the Creator though. But once I heard Frank Ocean, the R&B crooner of the group, I instantly fell in love. I loved his mixtape, nostalgia/ULTRA , had it stuck on repeat for weeks, and I’ve been a fan ever since. So naturally when I heard Frank Ocean was in the studio with BEYONCE, I was in shock, I felt so proud, like he was my own brother who finally made it lol!!!

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With Beyonce’s album leaking 3 weeks early, I was on high alert for any buzz about Frank Ocean and was keenly listening to each track for evidence of his voice or sound— ‘did he made it onto the album’? And lo and behold, if my ears are correct, Track 03 I Miss You, may be the song they collabo’d on.

Here’s a link for your listening pleasure:

I played this song about 4 times before I realized how much I love it. Anyone who has been in a relationship, especially a long distance one could relate to these lyrics expressing the desire to simply spend another moment with your loved one, but just can’t whether it’s due to distance, time, work, family, or for whatever reason. It applies to me personally because I’m always wanting just one more second with my dude, but time is never on my side. Listen as Beyonce taps into her emotional, and dare I say needy side as she sings on track 3 I Miss You, from her 4th studio album, 4.

Verse 1:
I thought that things like this
Get better with time
But I Still need you
why is that?
You’re the only image
In my mind
so i still see you

I miss you like everyday
Wanna be with you
But you’re away
Said I miss you
Missing you insane
But if I died with you
Could it feel the same?

Verse 2:
The words don’t ever seem
To come out right
But I still mean them
Why is that?
It hurts my pride
To tell you how I feel
But I still need to
Why is that?